School & Career Worries


Unable to study

For optimal performance the mind will need to store information and skills to be able to optimize your chances of success in your studies.  The RTMSHYPNOTHERAPY assists the brain in changing the neural pathways, and Carolyn Clark is able to assist you with CBT and cognitive changes to create the optimal environment for success.


Perhaps there are relationship issues where there is bullying or a clash with teachers.  An assessment and change of emotional response will help clear the blocks to success.  Carolyn Clark is an Educational Psychogist (American Trained) and has helped hundreds of students optimize their performance.

You may fear doing a presentation, or think that your mind will shut down when you stand up, or have to take an important exam.  Or perhaps you are overcome with anxiety and are not able to show your true capabilities. 

A few sessions of counselling combined with hypnosis and rTMShypnotherapy allows you to change your stress responses and achieve success.  This programme was developed at the University of La Verne, where Carolyn Clark, has worked as an Educational Psychologist helping stress reduction for students.  Three sessions will change your results as much as 40% increase in scores. (fail to B and A grades). 

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