TMS for brain changes

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Slimming:  control appetite by changing the desire centres in the brain using simulated TMS.  

Detox: the brain is stimulated to change your desire for certain foods and reduce cravings, and motivates you through hypnosis to care for the body and let it heal.  This is so helpful for ridding yourself of toxins.  It means that your subconscious is assisting you.

Changing emotional and behavioural problems by focussing on the parts of the brain that create the emotional responses.  Your therapist, will help you make the changes you want to be healthier and do things which are good for the body.

Magnet Therapy

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a safe way of changing the brain chemistry by using magnets.  It has been tested and has minimized the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms of life-threatening fearful memories that interfere with everyday life for some people.  It has been presented to the FDA for approval for the treatment of certain anxiety and depressive disorders, because of the meurochemical changes it offers withou any of the side-effects of drugs or surgery.  Researchers have shown in 2008 that untreatable depression has been shown a repreive with 15 daily sessions, according to the Canadian Psychological Association.  It has shown to be effective in the treatment of physical conditions, such as Lazy Eye, according to Columbia University, University of Texas, and others. 

rTMS has been able to help:

Cravings for food & Mood regulation, Parkinsons, Schizophrenia (City University, New York, 2007)

Cravings for other substances

Postpartum Depression (Wshington University Medical Centre, 2007)

Tinnitus & Chronic pain & Fibromyalgia (Enersen & King, 5 News, 2008)

Severe Depression (Penn State University, 2007: Medscape Medical News, 2007; Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2008)

Fatigue and Memory Loss (Columbia Medical Centre, New York, 2008)

In Germany and Belguim rTMS has cured tinnitus by stimulating the auditory cortex (Times onLine, 2008).

Autism symptoms (University of Louisville, 2008)

The rTMS machines are used to cure depression, anxiety, and many other probelms where the brain is not functioning at an optimal level.  This procedure is available as a hypnotherapy simulation which involves no pain, and is much more accurate than the machinery.  

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