What is Regression

This works by going back into the memories of the past events which your subconscious mind knows holds the key to your blocks.

Regression therapy started in California in around the 1970s when some of Carolyn's colleagues who were professional hypnotherapists asked clients whilst in hypnosis, to go to the origin of their problem. They would go to a past life, relive story of the situation which caused the concern, and then come back into full awakening.  The next session the therapist would be told that the clients' symptoms had vanished.  After this happened a few times, the psychologists began to work out how the patients had been cured so easily. It turns out that a French neurologist, Charcot, had also been working with "neurosis" in the late eighteenth century, and greatly influenced Freud.  The abreaction which is created when a patient encounters the traumatic memories is processed more accurately today by people trained specifically in Regression Therapy, where a psychotherapeutic approach is applied within the hypnosis session.

Carolyn has been a trainer in Regression Therapy with the International Association for Regression Research, and was on the committee from 1997-2005 when she was offering trainings in Europe for the organisation, as well as Karmafix.

Carolyn was also a trainer for the Michael Newton Institute, which teaches students how to conduct Life Between Life Sessions.  She was also teaching for Karmafix, developing their trainings, until today's cutting edge treatment of psychotherapy, where the past and the present meet in the most healing way.

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