Quit smoking


Notoriously difficult to stop smoking: this rTMS approach is much more effective than ordinary hypnotherpay which is much more effective than patches.  Counselling and a programme with a sudden decision to stop smoking means that you will stop.  The rTMS hypnotherapy has over 75% success rate for 170 smokers since 2012.  Taking the CD home with you means that you will be able to keep your motivation high through the challenges of the detox process for the first three weeks after the hypnosis session.  You will save the money you spent on cigarettes within that three week period.  

If you have tried other methods of trying to stop, you may wish a one year guarantee for £360.  

Hypnosis for stopping smoking has been proven to be more effective than any other therapy and is 100% safe. In 1992 New Scientist Magazine published the results of an extensive clinical study on the most effective methods of quitting smoking. A meta-analysis of 72,000 individual cases, showed that hypnotherapy increased a smoker’s success chances from 6% to 60%.

These are the research based success rates from the above study for different smoking cessation methods:

60% – Single session Hypnosis
24% – Acupuncture
10% – Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)
6% – Willpower alone

Hypnotherapy has been approved for use by the UK Government and by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE). CBT is also an independently researched and proven therapy, similarly approved by NICE.  Hypnofix methods combine both CBT and Hypnosis with very personalized treatment programme and has over 70% success rate for the first session.  

Hypnosis works with you and can never make anyone do anything that they don't want to do, so it is more challenging if you are still wanting to smoke.  However, it is very easy to persuade your subconscious mind how bad it is for you, by following the path of the smoke and toxins into your system. So by engaging the subconscious mind, you offer yourself a really good chance to quit.  You can quit for good:             £360 - a guarantee !

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