Reverse and Prevent Disease

Naturopathic Medicine

* Treat the cause 

* Prevention is better than cure

* Remove obstacles to cure

* Therapist as teacher

* Do no harm

Our bodies respond to stress by activating itself. The sympathetic or parasympathetic systems of the body produce stress hormones, which maintain and worsen the body conditions.  If this goes on too long, symptoms of stress, over-eating, low mood make the problems worse. EEG patterns show that the brain becomes very imbalanced. If this is not reversed, the problems can become much worse down the line and lead to problems such as inflamation, auto-immune disease, pain, low mood, cravings, anxiety, and insomnia.  Using healing power of the internal mind with hypnofix, we are able to re-balance the body by reversing the stress responses and allow for brain to function normally again. You can correct old stress patterns.  

Healing the past in order to move away from the hurtful situations which are often linked to compulsive overeating, or addictions, memories may have to be released.  At Hypnofix, they are looked at in a way that offers relief for the subconscious mind, which involves understanding.  If something happened when we were a child, the memory is stored as a child would think about it, so healing and release involves connecting with the patterns that were present at that stage of development.  This is achieved with regression therapy, which brings relief in under three sessions (Clark, 1997).  Memories of hurtful situations range from the severe to the seeminly ordinary, but the effect can be life transforming.  

Using hypnosis will help train your mind to respond in a healthy way, and can train you to enter the alpha state which is very helpful for restoring a healthy balance emotionally and mentally.  You can have a hypnosis CD wich will allow you to achieve inner peace.

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