Food Issues & IBS

Sandra, 37, 3-5 stone overweight - 5 months counselling

"I had a problem eating food since a child.  I found it impossible to stay on a healthy diet.  I had IBS diagnosed when I was 22 and then I put on weight and was about 15 stone.  I was lathargic and not feeling very good about myself.  Carolyn helped me go on a detox programme which helped me change my eating habits, and I now chose to eat a raw food diet two days a week and have lost the weight.  But best of all, I feel so much better about myself, and have cut out wheat and sugar which caused so much of my IBS.  I have so much energy now and really enjoy life". 

What is stopping you achieve your goals?

Once you have found out your inner motives, you can change to focus on your goals.  This improves your self esteem and makes you feel more successful.

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