Detox & Auto-Immune Problems


Recent research has shown a Detox diet helps with the auto-immune system problems: 

The anti-inflammatory Diet: 

Start with a 3 week programme removing dairy, soy and corn.  Instead try: quinoa, millet, buckwheat, and rice (all have no gluten) and are ancient grains.  

No dairy.  You can substitue this with almond, rice, hemp or coconut milk.  No corn and no soy, as it is a cause of digestive upsets and can cause inflammation for many people, according to Blum (2013), who has worked for decades in the filed of auto-immune diesase.  

DO EAT a rainbow of veggies.  Add colour to your diet.  Watchout for the white stuff.  Healthy fat: fish oild, cold pressed oils like olive oil, canola, flax, sesame, almond, sunflower, walnut, pumpkin, avocado, coconut oil.  

Avoid margarines and hydrogenated oils.  

Add Vit D, Selenium, Zinc, Green Tea. 


There is a workbook and a plan of 12 - 24 sessions depending on the amount of time you expect to take to reach your goal.  With detoxing you will require your body to heal from the damage it has gone through so that you are able to .  The average time for repairing the small intestine is 3-6 months and after this there is a period of several months as you gently get into health again.  At Hypnofix you can book your first six sessions for a discounted price, and receive a dongle with motivational talks and meditations which will help you with becoming committed to healing your body. 

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