Depression & Mood Worries

AT HYPNOFIX: Combining Counselling, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and altered states offers the most successful treatment for low mood and depressive thinking.  When brain stimulation is combined with this treatment, stubborn emotional conditions are eradicated and the take home CD helps you to continue to improve after each session.  

me doing hypnosis

Photo of a hypnosis session.

When anti-depressants have stopped working and therapy is not enough, hope was found for those who attended Rush University Medical Center, where Philip Janicak, a Psychiatrist has been studying rTMS for about 15 years.  It is a treatment programme for rTMS that is non-invasive and safe.  It has been found to be effective for hard to treat depression, five days a week, for thirty minutes at a time, for several weeks.  He said, it is "an alternative strategy to mdedication and I think TMS is very good".

Childhood Emotional and Psychological Abuse

Often when people describe their childhood they will say "I had the perfect childhood.  No one hit me, and my parents didn't drink."  With a bit of gentle questioning, it turns out that people who have depression often have ghosts which are more intangible and subtle, and adulthood problems can be traced back to the original source of some incidents in childhood.  All parents make mistakes in raising their children, but emotional abuse results in lasting scars and negative changes in personality and the actual intentions of the parent do not determine whether it was abuse or not.  The healing happens by going back to the original incidents. 

Irene had low mood and compulsive over-eating.  She had suffered neglect whilst growing up.  She is proud, nad self-reliant, and a successful person today, but recalls a childhood where her mother was vacuuming and cleaning constantly.  "she was always in a rush and had no time for me, and in a bad mood with all of us.  I felt guilty because she was tidying up after us."  Her mother was perfectionistic and compulsive towards housework.  She may have seemed like the perfect mother, but the emotional mothering was lacking.  When this feeling of lack of emotional conection has happened to kids, on a regular basis, they try to fill this void with things like food, sex, shopping, alcohol or even work, which temporarily make them feel full and numb the pain they are feeling.  

At Hynofix painful memories are examined, healed and a healthy programme is put in place that creates the nurturing that was missing in the childhood memory.  

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