Chocolate, sex, alcohol, gambling, shopping, work, sugar, blaming others, and many other things can become addictions.  

You may need more than one session as these problems are likely to have some emotional and mental issues connected with them.  You may also be dealing with cultural and environmental pressures as well which will mean that changes may have to be done over a period of time with proper psychological support. Some counselling and hypnotherapy combined will assist you to get over your addiction.  You may benefit from only one or two sessions, but with a block of six sessions your chances of changing your behaviour and emotions will be very good. The limbic system of the brain responds with "feel-good" responses which will then be followed by other responses such as guilt or anxiety about being caught, or trying not to indulge in the addiction.  The animal part of the brain is responding in a different way from the human part of the brain.  

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