Registered as a Psychologist (1994), with masters degrees in Counselling (2000), and Education (1997),with American Psychological Association, and British Psychological Society (2002).  Cited for Merit for peer tutoring (1996).

Registered as a practitioner, and trainer of Hypnotherapy since 1994. General Hypnotherapy Register, 

Certified Regression Therapist (1997), IBRT & EARTh, life member or IARRT.

Certified Psychosexual Therapist, and Relationship Counsellor (University of Hull), through the Relate Institute.

Insured as a Psychosexual Therapist, Relationship Counsellor, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, and Thai Medical Massage Therapist.

Trainer for Michael Newton, Newton Institute 2004-5, training in Spiritual Regression.

Regression Therapy & Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression

Carolyn has been a practitioner and trained students in Past Life Regression Therapy since 1994. She is a psychology graduate with masters degrees in Education and Counselling.  She is a Relate trained Couple Counsellor, and Psychosexual Therapist and registered UK psychotherapist. Her training has included Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Life between Lives Regression, Past life regression and Regression Therapy.

A lot of Carolyn's time is spent working with Slimfix clients, and working on a PhD research project for treating depression and obesity using the new methods of rTMShynotherapy.  In her remaining time he works with clients who are working through unfinished business from the past or are spiritually stuck.  Carolyn also specializes in Life Between Lives Regression that uses deep hypnosis to explore the soul memories between past lives.  This enables a client to have an enhanced understanding of their soul purpose and bring joy and happiness into their lives.

She is a founding member of the European Association of Regression Therapy, and Integral Counselling which offers a wide spectrum of trainings including many integrated therapies from the International Association of Regression Research Therapists, where she was a board member until 2005.  She offered the European trainings for IARRT during the ninties until 2005, bringing Regression Therapy to a wider audience in Europe.  

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