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You can book for individual or couple counselling, or a one-off session of hypnotherapy and then commit to a further six sessions at a reduced rate.  

Hypnofix at 8 Eyre Crescent, Edinburgh, in the quiet suburb of Canonmills, just ten minutes walk down the hill from Waverley Station, in the New Town, Edinburgh, EH3 5ET.

Hypnosis uses your subconscious mind, encourages you to energise your body, and engage your emotional brain to work with you, and not against you.  Integral Counselling or Psychotherapy (i-psych) uses rTMS a new technology involving magnetic stimulation which has been proven to change brain patterns.  This is a combined physical and psychological approach to changing your life, without drugs, surgery, or long-term psychotherapy.  It will happen by engaging the subconscious parts which have been out of your awareness or control.  You will really enjoy the experience.  At Epidavros where hypno(sleep) -therapy developed several thousand years ago. A Scottish surgeon, James Braid perfected hypnosis in the nineteenth century.  


"I consider the hypnotic mode of treating certain disorders is a most important ascertained fact, and a real solid addition to practical therapeutics, for there is a variety of cases in which it is really most successful, and to which it is most particularly adapted; and those are the very cases in which ordinary medical means are least successful, or altogether unavailing. Still, I repudiate the notion of holding up hypnotism as a panacaea or universal remedy. As formerly remarked, I use hypnotism ALONE only in a certain class of cases, to which I consider it peculiarly adapted — and I use it in conjunction with medical treatment, in some other cases; but, in the great majority of cases, I do not use hypnotism at all, but depend entirely upon the efficacy of medical, moral, dietetic, and hygienic treatment, prescribing active medicines in such doses as are calculated to produce obvious effects" — James Braid (1852).

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