Healing the past

pathched heart

Our family of origin is our base as we learn how to trust our world.  Sometimes the environment is not as comfortable for us as it was for others.  Perhaps a parent died or was alcoholic or workaholic, and we felt abandonned. Our families teach us tribal thinking which may not sit well with who we are in the world as we grow into adulthood.  If there are thoughts, beliefs, old wounds that are holding us back, keeping us stuck in our pain, we spend a lot of our energy in that pain.  It does not help to live in the past like this.  A few sessions of regression to the past will allow you to let go of the pain and understand the lessons there.  Hypnotherapy is a clean way to go into the past and let go of the hurt simply so that you can free your emotional, mental and physical energies to be really happy in your life today.

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