Couple Counselling We discovered Carolyn because she had been working with a colleague.  I was not comfortable with my partner's sexual history and did not know if he was going to be able to give up visiting web-sites.  We did some individual and some  couple sessions, and became even closer than ever. I would recommended her to other couples who are finding it hard to deal with addiction, past sexual abuse, and parenting issues.

Individual Counselling


Past Life Regression



Carolyn was personally recommended to help me overcome my addiction to nicotine replacement lozenge

After my one and only session, I felt different, hard to explain why, except to say I felt lighter. It seemed that I had left a lot of unwanted and unnecessary baggage at Carolyn' s door.

I am very pleased to say since that session over two and half years ago, I have not had any nicotine replacement lozenges.

Carolyn - thank you very much


December 2013

PS Two other friends had similar successes with their issues

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