First Love 

2013-02-21 18.01.30

You may not have been loved unconditionally by your parents.  Sometimes incidents happen in the past which were out of their control, such as hospitalisation, work, economy, or family situations, which made you feel unloved.  The thoughts and feelings that were generated in a childhood time may still be resonating with you today, despite the fact that you have very loving relationships around you.  

Regression Therapy allows you to access the very early, deeply buried memories, and lets you heal that deep past part of you.Once you have understood and healed the past you can then create a future you dream of.  We know this, as "castles in the air".  But all castles were built through using imagination, planning and building.  This is the transformative way that Regression Therapy can work for you.  

When you create new neurons in your own mind, you are able to link pleasant thoughts and memories of successes (however small) to change your mental state, and capacity for change.  With slimfix you will be given a personalized Slimfix CD so you will focus on these new habits of thought and will let go of the old habits holding you into sadness, negativity and things that you want to let go of.  

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