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Relationships can be difficult, whether working or personal relationships, there is always a basic issue that has to be worked through.  The difficulties are symptomatic of differences in communications.  Understanding communications,  involves understanding yourself and your ability to be intimate with another human.

We all learn from our chilhood how to form bonds with others.  Sometimes messages from childhood are carried with us, and may not be very clear to us, but come out in our relationships with others.  Counselling can help us to understand how messages from the past can be impacting our current relationships.  An initial assissment is made which lasts 90 minutes, and then a block of six sessions would be suggested for couple work.  

A few sessions of counselling can change how you feel about your relationships.  2-6 sessions are the average duration for you to really improve communications, clear up misunderstandings and get over some short-term issues.  For longer term and deeper issues you may need more sessions.  Childhood neglect, abuse and trauma can have an impact on us which remains in our neural pathways, and sets us up to respond in a stressful way when confronted with a reminder.  This can sometimes take longer to un-programme, but can be done.  Carolyn Clark has been a Relationship therapist for over 14 years, and has helped thousands of people.

What would happen in the sessions?  

"Ineeded to clarify things after my partner told me that the relationship was coming to an end.  Carolyn is very professional and yet guided us to a solution for our communication issues.  We had 9 sessions, seven together, and one each on our own.  Our communications really improved, and I was able to understand what had been going wrong and make changes.  Carolyn helped us both see the other person's point of view.  We began talking properly and connected again.  It is now even better than when we first got together.  I think relationship counselling really helped us find a true love for each other".

Andrew, November 2012.

Are you in love with a giver or a taker?

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